Helping You Navigate the Workplace Pension Regulations

Receive expert guidance on implementing the workplace pension scheme from our consultants. First Choice Group Ltd provides business protection services alongside ongoing workplace pension advice and support, assisting you with the administration of the process even after the scheme has been set up.


Prior to staging, we will:

  • Assess Your Workforce and Advise Both You and Your Employees of Their Eligibility
  • Confirm Your Staging Date and Advise the Length of Time Your Scheme Will Take to Set up
  • Liaise Directly with Your Payroll Provider to Ensure the Correct Data Is Passed Over If You Outsource Your Payroll
  • Keep Your Employees Updated on Any Changes Affecting Them Now or in the Future
  • Liaise with the Owner(s) to Decide upon Where Your Pension Funds Will Be Invested
  • Set up the Scheme and Register This with the Pension Regulator
  • Work Closely with Your Auto Enrolment, Nominated Individual to Ensure That the Necessary Processes Are in Place to Constantly Assist Your Workforce

Staging Date

On the staging date, we will:

  • Advise Your Employees of This Date
  • Auto Enrol the Appropriate Employees into the Scheme
  • Invite Other Eligible Employees Who Were Not Automatically Enrolled to Join the Scheme


After staging is complete, we will:

  • Complete and File Your Declaration of Compliance
  • Constantly Monitor and Process the Relevant Monthly Contributions That Need to Be Made
  • Ensure That Your Scheme Has Fulfilled All Regulatory Requirements
  • Keep You Advised on a Monthly Basis of New Eligible Employees, and Process Leavers and Joiners
  • Maintain Records to Keep Your Scheme Compliant in Preparation for a Possible Audit
  • Monitor Employees' Earnings Regularly as They Move Between Categories and Process Opt-outs, Transfers in and out, and Employee Retirements
  • Opt-in New Employees
  • Write to Your Employees Informing Them of Their Ongoing Rights with Regard to Your Pension Scheme

Ongoing Support

First Choice Group Ltd supplies an ongoing monthly support service to meet an employer's needs in establishing their scheme. Included in your initial set-up fee and ongoing monthly administration fees, we are able to assist you with a variety of services, including:

  • Agreeing on a Process to Facilitate the Administration of Your Pension Scheme
  • Supporting You in Choosing a Pension Scheme for Employees
  • Supporting You in Inviting Other Types of Workers to Join Its Pension Scheme
  • Supporting You to Communicate with Your Employees
  • Supporting You with Communication between Payroll to Obtain the Correct Information and Employee Data in the Correct Format, in Order for Your Pension Provider to Help and Supporting You to Meet the Company's Obligations under The Pensions Act 2008
  • Registering the Pension Scheme with the Pension Regulator to Ensure Compliance Is Met
  • Managing Your Opt-in and Opt-out Process
  • Automatically Enrolling Certain Workers with the Pension Company
  • Communicating Workplace Pension Regulatory Changes and Updates
  • Considering Salary Exchange as an Option to Reduce Employer and Employee Costs
  • Determining Your Levels of Pensionable Contribution
  • Establishing a Scheme That Offers Investment Choice to Employees Through the Pension Company
  • Facilitating the Pension Scheme with Its Chosen Pension Provider
  • Supporting You in Assessing How Your Workforce Will Be Structured
  • Supporting You to Understand and Choose the Different Basis for Contribution
  • Supporting You to Understand and Consider Postponement as an Option
  • Liaising with Pension Provider/Assessment Software Provider
  • Meeting with Employees to Explain How Salary Exchange Works and Explain the Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Ongoing Help and Support to You and Employees as Your Scheme Facilitator
  • Providing All Necessary Information Relating to the Pension Scheme
  • Producing a Regular Newsletter Regarding the Workplace Pension
  • Setting up a Pension Scheme and Running the Scheme Compliantly and Efficiently
  • Supporting You in Liaising with Your Pension Administrator with Continual Workforce Assessment and Employees with Monitoring an Employee's Age and Earnings
  • Telephone Support Line, Advice for Employers, and Annual Reviews

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